August Newsletter

Welcome to ENTECH's August 2015 Newsletter!

 ENTECH takes pride in offering many services to fit the changing demands of our customers. When it comes to service and maintenance agreement options, we know one size does not fit all.  That’s why we take the time to evaluate your requirements and develop a solution that fits your budget and needs. ENTECH will deliver the best service for the best value. 

Our service technicians have extensive field experience and significant expertise in troubleshooting and resolving diagnostic equipment issues. ENTECH provides comprehensive solutions across multiple OEM platforms and modalities.  

Imagine how convenient it would be to have ONE call handle ALL of your equipment maintenance and service needs. Call us today to learn more - 602-747-9078!



Doug Proctor has been with ENTECH for 30 years now. He is originally from Colorado and moved to Arizona to go to school. He grew up on a farm/ranch in Colorado and moved to Arizona for school. He went to DeVry, then Mesa Community College and finally Arizona State University. Doug is certified as both CBET and CLRT. Though he’s worked on all types of biomedical equipment over the years and continues to do so, his current specialty is heart-lung machines. He is stationed out of the ENTECH offices in Chandler, but frequently travels to Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming and California to manage clinical equipment preventive and corrective maintenance with contracted customers in those regions.

Prior to ENTECH, Doug was a welder and a machinist. He also worked at a small medical manufacturing company called Antek Medical where he helped develop a prototype for medical telemetry for NASA in 1989.  The prototype was used to train astronauts. He made many trips to the Johnson Space Center in Houston where he installed the equipment and performed upgrades to their telemetry system. 

When Doug first started at ENTECH in the 1980s, the company serviced only 20 outside customers. Now ENTECH services 300+ customers, mostly in the Southwest, but also in northern California, Wyoming and Nebraska. With his lengthy tenure at ENTECH, you can imagine Doug must have many stories to share.

Doug is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys fishing and hunting, among other activities. He is married with three kids, two boys and one girl.


ENTECH will be exhibiting at the OR Today Live Surgical Conference in Las Vegas August 30-September 1. The conference will be held at Red Rock Resort & Casino. This is the first year this conference will take place.  According to the conference website, “This conference will bring together perioperative leaders for a dynamic event that fosters solutions for the prevailing challenges, regulations and culture changes facing the surgical suite and the professionals called on to manage the business decisions and patient care with the OR. OR Today Live offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders, address challenges, network with influential colleagues, hone management skills, discover new resources and services and ultimately deliver solutions to improve performance of your facility.” For more details, please visit Contact us to get your free VIP pass to the show and stop by ENTECH’s booth (#205) to learn how we can customize a clinical equipment services program that will save you time and money and help you remain compliant with regulatory agencies. 


Two ENTECH Technicians Retire

We are both sad and excited to announce that two of ENTECH’s most experienced technicians are retiring in July. 

Andre Baget has been with ENTECH/Banner Health for over 25 years.  He has been based in Tucson during his time at ENTECH. In addition to expanding his stock video library business, Andre and his wife are looking forward to visiting his son when he moves to Maui later in the year. 

Mike Kucik has been with ENTECH/Banner Health for over 25 years.  Based in the ENTECH biomed shop in Chandler, Mike started in Communications, moved to Telemetry and settled in the Biomedical department while at Banner Health. Upon retiring, Mike plans to spend time with his grandkids, with a Disneyworld trip scheduled in November. After that, he and his wife will travel to Alaska and Europe.  Then Mike will work on household projects, go fishing and hunting and revisit hobbies he hasn’t had time to focus on over the years. 

Both Mike and Andre will be greatly missed and we wish them well in their retirement. Rest assured there will not be a lapse in the excellent service that ENTECH provides. We have skilled and experienced technicians who have been with ENTECH for many years who will be stepping in to take over their territories and/or areas of expertise.

Be sure to look for future newsletters from ENTECH! Please let us know if you have any suggestions.