December Newsletter

Welcome to ENTECH's December 2015 Newsletter!

ENTECH takes pride in offering many services to fit the changing demands of our customers. When it comes to service and maintenance agreement options, we know one size does not fit all. That’s why we take the time to evaluate your requirements and develop a solution that fits your budget and needs. ENTECH will deliver the best service for the best value.

EXCITING NEWS - ENTECH is Now Authorized Service Provider for Midmark Products

ENTECH has recently been named an authorized service provider for Midmark products. Midmark offers a wide range of medical and healthcare products, including power procedure tables and chairs, exam tables, lights, workstations and more. ENTECH’s service agreement extends to Ritter products as well and its line of automatic sterilizers.

Midmark utilizes authorized service providers across the nation and internationally. With ENTECH added to their exclusive list of service providers, hospitals and healthcare facilities can be assured that scheduled maintenance and repairs to Midmark medical equipment will be serviced professionally by Midmark-trained ENTECH technicians.  

ENTECH technicians completed an intensive training program at Midmark’s Versailles, Ohio facility. The combination classroom/hands-on instruction encompassed training on all Midmark and Ritter products – from procedure and exam tables to specialty stools, equipment carts and sterilizers. To learn more about Midmark, go to


ENTECH provides reliable, comprehensive service for specialty equipment, such as anesthesia units, heart/lung bypass units, lasers, ventilators, auto transfusion units and scope washers/disinfectors. Our main purpose is to service your clinical equipment needs. When ENTECH's label is on clinical equipment, regulatory agencies recognize that it's safe, operating properly and compliant.

If your specialty equipment is currently being serviced by the manufacturer, you can be assured that adding specialty equipment to your contract with ENTECH will not only save you money, but will also ensure short downtime of your equipment so patient care is not affected.

Maybe your specialty equipment is being maintained and serviced by another provider. ENTECH’s main purpose is to ensure that all of your equipment is being maintained properly and efficiently. With local technicians always nearby, ENTECH can respond to service calls quickly and give you peace of mind that all of your equipment is up and running with minimal interruptions.

ENTECH’s relationships with specialty equipment manufacturers give us the advantage of their full support, while keeping costs down. Our technicians are trained by the manufacturer and perform the service, thus reducing costs. It’s like having the advantages associated with full service OEM/manufacturer contracts, but with the reduced expense of a third party provider.

Imagine how convenient it would be to have ONE call handle ALL of your equipment maintenance and service needs. ENTECH delivers the best service for the best value. Call us today to learn more!




Steve Sponhouse started working at ENTECH in 1991.  He was originally stationed in Casa Grande where he stayed for four years before moving to the main ENTECH shop. He graduated from DeVry University and then joined the Army where he received biomedical training for four years at Fitzsimmons Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado. He has been working in the biomedical field for nearly 30 years.

Steve was born in Florida, but grew up in El Paso, Texas where he graduated from high school. From a young age, Steve had an interest in the hospital environment because his father worked as a heating and air conditioning technician at a hospital. When Steve would tag along with his father on a call, he was exposed to biomedical equipment and electronics. And then when his older brother went to DeVry, Steve followed in his footsteps. It was a natural career path.  When he joined the Army, he requested a biomedical job and was lucky enough to get trained in the field. Directly after the Army assignment, Steve started his biomedical career at ENTECH and has been here ever since.

As one of ENTECH’s Biomed Specialists, Steve is a CBET and works mostly in the main ENTECH shop. He handles equipment calibrations and shop repairs as part of the depot repair service ENTECH offers.  He also goes on service calls when needed to support the team.   

Steve is married and has three children, two daughters and one son.  He enjoys camping, hiking, golfing and taking his dog Bruce, a Weimaraner, to the dog park.


Attention valued customers! We have a new survey that gives you the opportunity to rate ENTECH on service calls and repair services. We would appreciate your completing the survey so that we may continue to improve our customer service and serve you better in the future.  Please click here to access the survey. If you have any problems, please contact Thank you in advance for completing the survey. Your feedback is important to us. 


We’d like to wish all of our valued customers a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for allowing us to service your clinical equipment.  If you have any questions regarding your services or would like to get a quote on additional services, please let us know. We look forward to continuing our relationship with each and every one of you and wish you a prosperous new year.