April Newsletter

April Newsletter


ENTECH provides reliable, comprehensive service for the most current platforms of larger medical imaging manufacturers. This includes Ultrasound, Contrast Injectors, X-Ray, CT, MRI and Nuclear Medicine. Our service technicians have extensive field experience and significant expertise in troubleshooting and resolving diagnostic equipment issues across multiple OEM platforms and modalities. 

If your medical imaging equipment is currently being serviced by the manufacturer, you can be assured that adding imaging equipment to your contract with ENTECH will not only save you money, but will also ensure short downtime of your equipment so patient care is not affected.

Maybe your imaging equipment is being maintained and serviced by another service provider. ENTECH’s main purpose is to ensure that all of your equipment is being maintained properly and efficiently. With local technicians always nearby, ENTECH can respond to service calls quickly and give you peace of mind that all of your equipment is up and running with minimal interruptions.

ENTECH’s relationships with large medical imaging manufacturers give us the advantage of their full support, while keeping costs down.  Our technicians are trained by the manufacturer and perform the service, thus reducing costs. It’s like having the advantages associated with full service OEM/manufacturer contracts, but with the reduced expense of a third party provider.

Imagine how convenient it would be to have ONE call handle ALL of your equipment maintenance and service needs. ENTECH delivers the best service for the best value. Call us today to learn more!



Dietrich Young started working at ENTECH in May of 2011. He was hired as a Biomedical Technician II (BMET II) and eventually became interested in pursuing other opportunities, aspiring to expand his medical equipment knowledge and skillset. An opportunity to work in imaging equipment repair presented itself due to the increase in Banner Health Centers and their use of medical imaging equipment in the facilities and he became a Diagnostic Imaging Service Engineer I.

Prior to working at ENTECH and Banner Health, Dietrich worked at Hill Rom as a bench technician, repairing infusion pumps and physical therapy equipment. After that, he worked at Casa Grande Regional Medical Center where he was a biomedical technician for 2½ years.  Interested in getting back to the Phoenix area, he sought a position in the Phoenix area and landed the job as a BMET II at ENTECH.

Born in Kentucky, Dietrich is the youngest son of three boys and has a younger sister. He is a self-proclaimed military brat; his father was in the army and they moved around quite a bit, living in Michigan and even Germany. He graduated from high school in Kentucky, outside of Ft. Knox, and went directly into the military (the Marines). He was stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Dietrich’s troop was one of the first groups deployed to Iraq. They were already in the Gulf and headed back to the U.S. when they received orders to turn around and go to Iraq. Though he faced combat situations, his main duty was as an aviation tech where he worked on helicopters. 

With his aviation tech experience in the military and past interest in technology and electronics in high school, he pursued an associate’s degree in computer electronics – from ITT Tech in Louisville, KY – and then a bachelor’s degree in communication electronics – from ITT Tech in Tempe, AZ.

Dietrich has been through extensive training on medical imaging equipment, including attending general ultrasound classes and contrast injector classes, both OEM and third party. He completed Phase I – Principles of Servicing Diagnostic X-Ray Systems – and Phase II – Advanced Radiographic Systems Maintenance – at RSTI of the X-Ray Certificate Services courses from RSTI (Radiological Service Training Institute). These are intensive (and expensive) training courses and exemplify ENTECH’s dedication to preparing our technicians to work in the medical imaging field.

Dietrich is not married and does not have any children. He goes to the gym daily and is fastidious about fitness; he enjoys riding motorcycles as well as going to the gun range. He hopes to travel more in the future and is particularly interested in visiting Australia and revisiting Germany and possibly Canada. He also tries to visit his family, located across the U.S. in Kentucky, Arkansas and Michigan, at least once a year.


Employee News
Please join ENTECH in welcoming two new employees. Brian Christenson started at ENTECH in December. He was previously with Banner Health in the Clinical Engineering department at Banner University Medical Center Phoenix. Tanner Wright started most recently in February and is a BMET II technician. Look for complete stories in the Meet the Tech section of future issues of ENTECH newsletters.

DJ Hernandez, highlighted in ENTECH’s October newsletter issue, will be moving to the Clinical Engineering Specialty Team at Banner Health. He will still be supporting specialty equipment at Entech customer facilities. We wish him well in his new role.

Other News
ENTECH has added a testimonial page to our website. Please click here to see what our customers are saying about ENTECH. 

ENTECH’s Referral Program
Did you know that ENTECH has a referral program? We offer customers who refer colleagues and friends to ENTECH a $25 gift card for a verified lead and a $50 gift card for leads who begin service with ENTECH. Click here to learn about the referral program. Special Offer!  If you refer a verified lead to ENTECH, not only will you receive either a $25 or $50 gift card, we will send you an additional ENTECH wall calendar too! These wall calendars are handy for quick and easy reference to 2016 events.

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