February Newsletter

Welcome to ENTECH's February 2016 Newsletter!



At ENTECH, our goal is to provide exceptional technical and customer service to all of our customers. In order to effectively achieve this goal, we implemented the following procedure to make sure service calls are managed/handled quickly and conveniently.

  1. Call 602-747-9081 or 800-451-0591 (if out of state). [Alternatively, you may submit a service request via ENTECH’s website at www.EntechBiomedical.com and click on Service Request.] Do not contact the technician directly as it is necessary to enter the service issue into a database program (AIMS) to properly document equipment maintenance and repairs for regulatory purposes. Furthermore, the technician may be out of the office or on vacation and not available to take your call.
  2. When the auto-attendant answers, press 1. This indicates you are an ENTECH customer and transfers you to a live person.
  3. Please provide your name, the name of your facility and phone number. And in order to expedite the service request process, please have available your ENTECH identification number (ID tag) of the equipment for which you require service. By entering the equipment ID number, the remaining fields in the dispatch program are automatically populated, such as assigned technician, specific location/department, contact phone numbers, etc.
  4. Provide explicit details regarding the problem you are experiencing with the equipment.
  5. Upon completion of the call, you should be given a Work Order number for easy and convenient future reference. If not offered, please request one.
  6. The work order will then be dispatched to the appropriate technician. He or she will follow up with the customer within two to four hours, depending on the current work schedule.


ENTECH services all types of anesthesia equipment, including GE and Draeger. Technician specialists have been factory-trained on multiple product lines and have decades of combined experience. Working with various hospital systems has allowed for exposure to many different manufacturers, and along with that, has given the technicians the opportunity to work on all kinds of issues on anesthesia equipment. Most technicians have encountered every type of problem and are able to quickly assess issues and move forward with a repair plan. Since anesthesia equipment is considered a life support device, ENTECH observes and follows all preventative maintenance procedures that the manufacturer deems necessary, even if it seems excessive. Despite some competitors’ not following these stringent procedures, ENTECH is very conservative in this area and follows the specifications strictly so as not to put patient safety at risk. Parts may need to be replaced even if they are still functioning.

Furthermore, ENTECH’s relationships with specialty equipment manufacturers give us an edge in that we have their full support. Our technicians are trained by the manufacturer and perform the service, thus reducing costs normally associated with full service OEM/manufacturer contracts. You get the expertise of an OEM/vendor with the reduced expense of a third party provider.

ENTECH’s scope of service encompasses anesthesia, biomedical, imaging and other specialty equipment. Imagine how convenient it would be to have ONE call handle ALL of your equipment maintenance and service needs. ENTECH delivers the best service for the best value. Call us today to learn more!



Carlos Martinez started at ENTECH in June 2013. In order to experience the full gamut of ENTECH customers and equipment variety, Carlos was assigned to shadow Doug Proctor, a seasoned technician with ENTECH for over 30 years, for six months. After months of intensive training and additional local assignments, Carlos was stationed in Tucson as a Biomedical Technician II to assist the local technician, now-retired Andre Baget (see August Newsletter Issue 1). Carlos is permanently assigned to southern Arizona and services Tucson, Sierra Vista, Benson, Nogales, Bisbee, Douglas and other outlying areas.

Carlos was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He attended DeVry in 2004 and graduated in 2006 with an associate’s degree in electronic computer technology and earned the distinction of being named Outstanding Student of the Class.

After working in the semiconductor field in Tempe and then the microchip processor industry in Tucson, relocating there permanently, Carlos eventually began working at Fresenius Medical Care as a biomedical technician, servicing water systems and dialysis machines for the company. After two years, he became supervisor and was responsible for the entire Southern Arizona region of Fresenius locations. Subsequently, he met some technicians from ENTECH and Banner Health and eventually joined the ENTECH team.

Carlos is married with three children, two boys and one girl, ages 8, 7 and 4. They have two dogs, an energetic English bulldog named Jack and a bull mastiff named Lala, who Carlos ensures is all bark and no bite.

Though the majority of his free time involves taking his children to practice and games for various sports activities, Carlos does enjoy playing softball, bowling and horseshoes – in fact, he actually competes in horseshoe tournaments. He’s recently taken up golf and claims he can drive well, but admittedly is a terrible putter. In addition, Carlos and his family go fishing and camping to appreciate the Arizona wilderness. Carlos also enjoys cycling and will be participating in his second Tour de Tucson in 2016, for which he is getting in shape and training now.

Healthcare is a very dynamic industry and it’s important to keep informed and up to date on changes that may affect how we do business. Several ENTECH employees follow Becker’s Hospital Review and Becker’s ASC Review in order to track news and events that relate to our customers. For example, the link below includes a story about the top ten patient safety issues for 2016. Becker’s chose these ten patient safety issues for consideration based on events and trends from 2015; they’re in no particular order.


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