2nd Quarter Newsletter

Welcome to ENTECH's 2nd Quarter Newsletter!

ENTECH takes pride in offering many services to fit the changing demands of our customers. When it comes to service and maintenance agreement options, we know one size does not fit all. That’s why we take the time to evaluate your requirements and develop a solution that fits your budget and needs.  ENTECH will deliver the best service for the best value.

The ENTECH newsletter is published quarterly. Be sure to look for future issues. Have ideas for news stories? Please send them to Cherie.White@EntechBiomedical.com. Thanks for being a valued customer and thank you for your business!

Meet the Tech – Justin Bertino


Justin Bertino is a Diagnostic Imaging Service Engineer II at ENTECH. He has been servicing ENTECH customers since 2010.

Justin grew up in Culbertson, Montana until age nine on a farm/ranch. His family moved to Billings after that and he spent the majority of his life there. Justin spent time in California and Arizona for school, even interning in the Biomed Department at Banner Health in 2005 while in college.

Ever since he was a kid, Justin became fascinated with taking things apart, whether they were broken or not, and enjoyed trying to figure out how everything worked. He did this countless times growing up and in the process ended up breaking many things.

This passion for understanding how things worked made him pursue an education in engineering, specifically aeronautical engineering, at a college in Billings, Montana. After over a year of school, he decided it wasn’t the career he wanted to have as his primary job. Instead he continued his education at DeVry University in San Jose, California pursuing a computer engineering degree. He then transferred to DeVry University Phoenix and changed his major to Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering.

While he was still in college, Justin became an intern at Banner Health in 2005. In 2008, after he graduated, he moved back to Montana and worked in the biomedical field where he also gained experience in diagnostic imaging, which was the field he was seriously interested in pursuing.

After getting some real-world experience, he was offered the job at Banner Health/ENTECH and he made the commitment to move back to Arizona and continue his journey in the Biomedical/Imaging field. 

As for the future, Justin hopes to continue moving forward in his imaging career as it always challenges him with its continuing changes, new technologies, etc. This is what excites him and the continuous technology improvements keep him on his toes.

For fun, Justin enjoys hunting, fishing, riding dirt bikes, traveling and competitive shooting. He loves the great outdoors and even misses the snow from time to time because growing up in Montana, snowboarding and snowmobiling were always something to look forward to in the winter time.

New Employees


Jesse Tenorio
Jesse Tenorio started at ENTECH in February. He began his career in electronics while in the U.S. Army as a radio technician and did that for eight years. After the army, he held various electronic technician positions, while also gaining nine years of biomed experience. He worked at Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital in Sacaton, AZ, one of ENTECH’s customers, as a biomed tech for seven years and also worked as a dialysis technician for two years at their dialysis clinic.

Pauline Rosas
Pauline Rosas started at ENTECH in mid-April as a Biomedical Technician and will be stationed at the Chandler office. Her previous experience includes working three years at enBio as a Field Service Engineer, covering the entire U.S.

Helpful Hints
Need Reports?
If you require a service report or equipment inventory list for an upcoming inspection or for compliance or record-keeping purposes, please email Cherie.White@EntechBiomedical.com or call 602-747-9001.

Have a Question About Your Invoice?
If you have a question about your invoice or would like to pay via credit card over the phone, please call Kara Davis at 602-747-9005. You can also email her at Kara.Davis@EntechBiomedical.com.

Did You Know?
ENTECH maintains and services more than biomedical equipment. We provide full service on imaging equipment, including x-ray systems, c-arms, CT, PT/Nuc Med, linear accelerators, MRIs, mammography systems, contrast injectors, bone densitometers and more. We also service lasers, anesthesia/respiratory equipment and ultrasounds. If you are interested in learning more about ENTECH’s capabilities, please give us a call at 602-747-9023.

Upcoming Events
ENTECH will be exhibiting at the Wyoming Hospital Association Annual Meeting & Convention on September 5th in Laramie, Wyoming. If you're lanning to attend, please stop by the ENTECH booth and reach out to our representatives.

Online Service Request Form

Remember to take advantage of ENTECH’s online service request form. For non-urgent, routine service calls, you may submit a service request via ENTECH’s website. Click here to access the Service Request Form. Once the work order is entered and dispatched, a customer service representative will email you with the work order number for your reference.

As always, we recommend you have the equipment ID (tag number) handy in order to expedite your service call and to track and document service per regulatory requirements. Please let us know if you have any questions. We appreciate any feedback and thank you for your support.  To request a service call, dial 602-747-9081 or toll-free 800-451-0591.

Please know that we are working to improve our customer service tools.

ENTECH Partnerships
ENTECH has partnerships with many medical equipment manufacturers. Our relationships with these vendors allows us to pass on the savings to you. You can order parts or service from ENTECH and our discounts are applied.

Midmark – authorized service provider
Midmark Products, manufacturer of a wide range of medical and healthcare products, including Ritter automatic sterilizers, power procedure tables and chairs, exam tables, lights, workstations and EKG machines.

Ohio Medical Products – authorized distributor 
Ohio Medical manufactures respiratory therapy products, including medical gas and lab equipment, suction and oxygen therapy products and industrial equipment. ENTECH is authorized to distribute suction regulators, flowmeters, gas regulators, portable suction pumps, blenders and various accessories like fittings, adaptors and hoses.

Precision Medical – authorized parts distributor 
Precision Medical products, an American manufacturer of respiratory products, medical fittings and specialty products. To order a catalog, please email Cherie.White@EntechBiomedical.com
Blickman – authorized service provider and parts distributor
If you have ever looked inside an operating room at a major hospital, chances are excellent you witnessed a host of components being handled by sturdy Blickman stainless steel equipment, specifically the temperature-controlled warming cabinet.