2019 1st Quarter Newsletter

ENTECH takes pride in offering many services to fit the changing demands of our customers. When it comes to service and maintenance agreement options, we know one size does not fit all. That’s why we take the time to evaluate your requirements and develop a solution that fits your budget and needs.  ENTECH will deliver the best service for the best value.

The ENTECH newsletter is published quarterly. Be sure to look for future issues. Have ideas for news stories? Please send them to Cherie.White@EntechBiomedical.com. Thanks for being a valued customer and thank you for your business!

Helpful hints
Need Reports?
If you require a service report or equipment inventory list for an upcoming inspection or for compliance or record-keeping purposes, please email Cherie.White@EntechBiomedical.com or call 602-747-9001.

Have a Question About Your Invoice?
If you have a question about your invoice or would like to pay via credit card over the phone, please call Kara Davis at 602-747-9005. You can also email her at Kara.Davis@EntechBiomedical.com.

ENTECH Growing
ENTECH is continuing to expand its service throughout the western United States. With the addition of full-time technicians located in Wyoming and Colorado, ENTECH has a unique opportunity to grow its business. We would appreciate your help in getting the word out regarding our expansion efforts. 

ENTECH has a referral program whereby referring customers receive a $25 or $50 gift card, depending on whether the lead is verified. Click here to read about our referral program.

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Take advantage of ENTECH’s online service request form
For non-urgent, routine service calls, you may submit a service request via ENTECH’s website. Click here to access the Service Request Form. Once the work order is entered and dispatched, a customer service representative will email you with the work order number for your reference.

As always, we recommend you have the equipment ID (tag number) handy in order to expedite your service call and to track and document service per regulatory requirements. Please let us know if you have any questions. We appreciate any feedback and thank you for your support. To request a service call, dial 602-747-9081 or toll-free 800-451-0591.






For more than 30 years ENTECH has been a leader in providing medical equipment service. A key part of the service we provide is making sure all of our customers’ equipment is electrically safe. In fact, national safety code requires it, and most regulatory bodies inspect for it. Even if your facility does not require electrical safety by law or regulation, ENTECH’S commitment to quality hard wires these inspections with every piece of equipment we test and inspect.

Our testing always starts with a physical inspection. We look for frayed wires, twisted cords, damaged or nicked cord surfaces, bent electrical prongs, medical device chassis damage and anything else that might allude to a possible electrical safety hazard. We utilize state of the art electrical safety equipment to check and make sure that current leakage and touch current limits are in range with the strictest medical equipment guidelines in the industry. We also check the resistive quality of every AC power cord attached to your equipment.

Next time you acquire a new piece of clinical equipment, we urge you to please call ENTECH so we can ensure the item is safe for patient use. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jack Smiley, ENTECH’s Biomed Supervisor. His expertise in regulatory affairs can be a valuable resource should you have an upcoming inspection and need clarification on anything.








Greg Finlay  Family

Greg Finlay
Greg Finlay started at ENTECH in May 2018 as a Biomedical Technician I.  He currently works out of the ENTECH Chandler biomed shop and serves as a general biomed/field technician where he covers the West Valley.  He also is one of three technicians who services a new ENTECH customer in Blythe, California.

Greg spent most of his childhood and teenage years in Glendale, Arizona, and attended Greenway High School.  Like most biomedical technicians, Greg was always interested in taking things apart and putting them back together – just to see how everything worked.  This interest in disassembling and assembling components led to his desire to become an electronics technician and the best path to reach that goal was to enlist in the military.

Greg joined the Navy in 1998.  As an aviation electronics technician, he was stationed on the flight deck of aircraft carriers and was deployed all over the world.  Responsible for QA, safety and launch/recovery of aircraft, he worked in Virginia Beach, VA and Lemoore, CA in the U.S.  Then he was deployed to the Mediterranean where he worked in Spain, Italy and Greece.  Eventually, he was deployed to the Western Pacific – Thailand and Singapore – and then finally the Middle East/Persian Gulf.

At one of his commands, he was an instructor for the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit where he trained students on the electronics systems of F/A-18 fighter aircraft.  He did this for about 3½ years and then retired from the Navy in 2018.

The opportunity to be a biomedical technician at ENTECH presented itself and he has excelled at expanding his knowledge and skillset in clinical equipment and biomedical electronics in his time here.  He is optimizing his customer service skills by working closely with ENTECH customers and he hopes to have a long and prosperous career at ENTECH.

Greg and his wife have been married 22 years and have two daughters, both in their 20s.  For fun, Greg loves golfing, hiking, horseback riding and motorcycles.  They recently purchased kayaks and are excited to experiment with that sport.  They have two dogs, Bogey and Mocha, both dachshund and chihuahua mixes.






ENTECH Partnerships

ENTECH has partnerships with many medical equipment manufacturers. Our relationships with these vendors allow us to pass on the savings to you. You can order parts or service from ENTECH and our discounts are applied.

Custom Ultrasonics – authorized service provider
Custom Ultrasonics designs, manufactures and distributes automated systems to clean and high-level disinfect complex devices including multi-channeled flexible endoscopes. Wherever endoscopy procedures are performed and endoscopic instrumentation require cleaning and high-level disinfection, you can find Custom Ultrasonics equipment.

Midmark – authorized service provider
Midmark Products, manufacturer of a wide range of medical and healthcare products, including Ritter automatic sterilizers, power procedure tables and chairs, exam tables, lights, workstations and EKG machines.

Ohio Medical Products – authorized distributor
Ohio Medical manufactures respiratory therapy products, including medical gas and lab equipment, suction and oxygen therapy products and industrial equipment. ENTECH is authorized to distribute suction regulators, flowmeters, gas regulators, portable suction pumps, blenders and various accessories like fittings, adaptors and hoses.

Precision Medical – authorized parts distributor
Precision Medical products, an American manufacturer of respiratory products, medical fittings and specialty products. To order a catalog, please email Cherie.White@EntechBiomedical.com.
Blickman – authorized service provider and parts distributor
If you have ever looked inside an operating room at a major hospital, chances are excellent you witnessed a host of components being handled by sturdy Blickman stainless steel equipment, specifically the temperature-controlled warming cabinet.